Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Public Voting for the Toysrevil X Atomic Mushroom Toys' CRZ FANART Contest was open via blog-comments and PM for the past 2 weeks and the results have been tallied .... and Ben Nunez came out tops with his version of Skunkwerks-CRZ - as well as his other submission placed 3rd by voting numbers! And in another surprising turn, both Dave Bates' and Jared Decosta's submissions tied for 2nd place, while Plandanet aka Jackey Woo's submission garnered 4th place ... thru the generosity of Robert De Castro (creator of Combat-R-Zero) all 5 positions have been declared winners! Each wins a choice of their Combat-R-Zero colorway (send in pictures when ya gots them guys!) = CONGRATS to everyone and kudos to Robert for his graciousness!

Thank you all for your interest and support! I personally can't wait for the next drawing contest myself LOL

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Pulbic Voting had ended @ 11:59pm on June 2nd. Winning Participants have been emailed and awaiting confirmation before announcement of results. Thanks to everyone who had taken the effort and time to take part, and for the folks who'd voted for their fav artwork :)

Meanwhile, for Flickr-enabled folks, do feel free to contribute your CRZ-Fanart on the Flicker-group @ - in any and all mediums!

Cheers, and see you guys for the next round of Contest! :)