Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Rumbler Versus CRZ (Example)

STORY: from out of the rubble of a deserted casino construction grounds loomed The Rumbler, who fights CRZ for supremacy above all robots!

ABOUT THE ART: this illo was first sketched in pencil and inked with a carigraphy-felt pen, and subsequently colored in photoshop. finished it in 1 hour tops (or could be two, but i didn't keep track *wink*) - heh

ABOUT THE ARTIST: this is where you do a short intro about yourself and perhaps link back to your own website.

THIS IMAGE IS EXEMPTED FROM THE CONTEST AND IS POSTED AS AN EXAMPLE of what i'm hoping to be doing with submissions - give the art a chance to "breathe" and be admired online, as well as giving props to the artist (within given boundaries). but please strictly no solicitation/s of product/s. cheers :)


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